Mr. Rajnikant Manilal Anadkat was born in a hindu family in Rajkot. From his childhood, he was of religious and philosophical thought and nature. Mr. Rajnikant Manilal Anadkat has been a Commerce Graduate and did his B.Com from Saurashtra University. He has also done A degree Course in “Jyotish Visharad”.

Influenced by a Famous Astrologer and logical thoughts of Shri Mohan Bhai Patel, continues to distribute the teachings and values of astrology dedicately like a Brahmin. Together with the blessings of Guru, and his good deeds of his past & present life, today Shri Rajubhai has a true knowledge of all aspects of Indian astrological science.  He spent many years in detailed research and study of Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, Gem-therapy, and Mantras etc. His sole motto was to solve the problems being faced by the people in different walks of life. He is continuing his research and development in Astrology for discovering new methods for giving accurate predictions to his clients and society.

During the last 27 years he has gone through thousands of horoscopes and has imparted astrological consultations to foreigners, NRI people and locals in Rajkot & India also. He has deep studies of this subject and has great expertise over various matters such as Health, Money, Shares and Investments, Travels, Education, Progeny, Litigation, Business and Corporate Matters, Longevity, Career, Marriage and related matters viz. Romance and Divorce.


Personal Appointment

Call to Book Appointment: +91 9898344772 / 7990852079

Time :Morning 10:30 am to 12:30pm.

Evening 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Phone/Whatsapp Consultancy

+91 9898344772 / 7990852079.

Get Detailed Predictions

  • Seek advice on personal (love, marriage, money matters) & professional (job safety, promotion, traveling abroad) matters by professional astrologers

  • Consultation covers all aspects—kundli matching, astrology, predictions, dosh, shanties, pujas, lucky gems, auspicious mahurats.

  • Service available in Hindi & Gujarati.

  • Call:+91 9898344772 / 7990852079 to connect now.

Connect With Guruji

  • Guruji offers privacy in a one-to-one consultation environment

  • You can connect from any part of the world.

  • It is at your convenience – due to time, distance, and availability & privacy issues.

  • Counselling – one to one talk will help to put your state of mind to ease.

  • Your Birth Chart is read and analysed closely to understand your issues.

Consultation Fees

You May Directly Call on Below Number

MOBILE NO: +91(code) - 9898344772 and 7990852079

Fees for Answering three Question is Rs. 251/-

Fess for Answering General Prediction Rs. 501/-

Answer to your questions after confirmation of payment.

You can send your payment by Speed Money Order or Can Deposit Money from any Branch 
Bank Name Bank of Baroda 
Account No: 18800100007664 
Name : Rajnikant Manilal Anadkat.