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There are many astrology reports that can help you to get an insight on different aspects of life. If you are looking for answers related to health, finance, which career line is best suitable for you or relationship and compatibility and more, we can help you for sure.

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Know your Prediction

This full life prediction report includes basically predictions for the future. According to location of your planets and dasha we will provide you insights into all the aspects of your life. This report is the full life report offered in term of an all purpose reading. We are advice the remedial measure and to get success in life. Also see other predictions.

Module No.

No. of Pages


No. 1/61


Paramparik Concise Page, General Prediction

No. 2/101


Paramparik Concise Page, General Prediction, 2 Year Prediction

No. 3/301


Conventions,Birth details,Lagan Chart,Rashi-Navamsa,Chalit cusp,Vimshotari Antar Dasa,Panchang,Ashtotari Antar Dasa , Sudarshan Chakra, Shadbala, Favourable Point, Marriage Compatibility Table, Sade Sati, 16 Charts – (In 5 Pages), Ashtavarga, Lagna Chart (with speed of Planets), Planet Relations, Vimshotari Prati Antar Dasa, Lagna Analysis-1, Lagna Analysis -2, Vimshotari Prati Antar Dasa, Binnashtavarga Table, Paramparik Concise Page, General Predictions, 2 Year Predictions


Popular Services

Shubh Mahurat

Shubh Mahurat or most auspicious time will be given to you with date and time frame such as Starting New Business, Marriage Date, Grah Pravesh, Need to go abroad, change of job, new plot, new vehicle, new shop or office etc.

Career Report

In modern life, having a successful career has become more important. In this prediction we will discuss about your career like timing of getting a job, Timing the change of job, No job or obstacles in career, Change in job/business, Nature of next job/business, break in career, Suspension, Promotions, Transfer. And we are advice the remedial measure and to get success.

Going Abroad

You can get guidance from vedic astrology on going abroad to settle, for studies, marriage, job or business to understand gains from foreign land.

Family Predictions

Inorder to understand your horoscope in detail it is necessary to also read your family horoscope incase if some planets are affecting your kundali.

Love / Marriage Predictions

Based on the planentary positions, it is possible to analize the nature and future of your loved life. By analysing both the partners horoscope one can understand the strengths and weaknesses, and guide you to improvise or save your married life from being affected.

Finance Predictions

By understanding the planetary positions, the overall financial prospects, good and bad periods, losses or gains, remidial solutions for improving your wealth.

Business Predictions

Which type of business insuitable for you, type of industry is more favourable, the positives and negatives and remidial solutions for the same.

Health Predictions

Based on analysing horoscope,the present dasa and antardasa to understand the health related issues and remidial solutions for the same.

Baby Progency

Vedic astrology can be an excellent guide in this important aspect of life. If you want to know about the auspicious periods for having children or just want to know your general luck with respect to children or having a problems with conception or having miscarriage problems and remidies if necessary.

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