Lal Kitab Remedies

The remedial measures of the Lak Kitab / Red Bookare very simple and do not require the observance of expensive rites and rituals. Some Remedies, solutions and tips of the Red Book are general in nature and can be applied if required.

  • Household articles, things which have not been used for several years should be disposed of.Your house as well as work place / office must be free from all clutter. Keep it neat and clean. This remedy is highly beneficial in removing the bad effects of Rahu.
  • Take your lunch and dinner while sitting in your kitchen and when the fire is still burning.  This will lessen the evil effect of Dragon's Head (Rahu). Avoid eating while you are sitting on your bed.
  • Give due respect to old people, saints, your father and monks and don't ever mock at them. 
  • Seek their blessings. This will help Jupiter and it will start giving good results
  • Similarly give respect to your father and mother.
  • Don't throw stones at dogs or beat them with a stick or kick them away. On the other hand, feed them whenever you get an opportunity. This will remove the ill effects of Ketu (Dragon's Tail) which signifies son and luxuries of life.
  • You should feed monkeys (for improvement in finacial condition), cows (for better conjugal relations with your wife), crows and fish (for better financial and health conditions). So doing this frequently will improve your domestic happiness, financial prospects and remove obstacles in general.
  • Distribute yellow cooked sweet rice (chawal) or dough (halwa) to people, beggars, ascetics and children.
  • Similarly offer yellow coloured sweets made of black grams powder (besan) in a temple but do not take back or eat any part of it as a prashad.
  • Offer seven yellow flowers before the god / goddess in a temple.
  • Apply yellow turmeric paste on your forehead.
  • The above four remedies can quickly improve your business, finacial and service conditions.
  • Using silver utensils for lunch and dinner or eating in general will be beneficial in many respects.
  • If there is peepul tree near your house, water it every now and then. Don't show disrespect to it in any way. This remedy is useful for strengthening Jupiter.
  • Whenever you happen to go to the cremation ground or cemetry, drop one or two coins preferably of copper. This remedy ensures some secret help to you when required.
  • Keep some water in a utensil at your bedside when you go to sleep at night. In the morning, throw this water at a place where it will not be defiled or misused in any way. Or use this water to water a plant. This remedy is effective in reducing troubles, obstacles, diseases, disputes and disrepute.



  1. When original RUDRAKSHA is put in a glass full of water, it will dip and it will Not Float,. In case it is made of wood or is infected with insects it will float on the water.
  2. In case a ripped RUDRAKSHA is closed in a fist and when taken near the ear and moved, will emit a pleasant sound.
  3. If original RUDRAKSHA is placed between two Copper Coins, it will moved when pressed.
  4. The original RUDRAKSHA is round, raised at places, has hard and rough surface.
  5. In natural RUDRAKSHA, one will find a shine and a greasiness which appears after its continuous use by wearing and using it as rosary.
  6. RUDRAKSHA has always rough surface and is not thorny. Thorny surfaced R is artificial.
  7. RUDRAKSHA of smaller size is always help in high esteem than bigger size. Smaller size is mere effective.
  8. Natural RUDRAKSHA has no hole in it, these are made later on. The pieces, which has hole in a natural way is most auspicious.
  9. In natural RUDRAKSHA, the lines are not equidistant, but in artificial one, these are formed curved at equidistant


Astro Tips

  1. A pond or a water body should be placed in Northeast corner of the house.
  2. A house should be designed in such a way so that there is maximum entry of sunlight and proper cross ventilation.
  3. The entire opening should be made on the North and East Side of the house.
  4. Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, northeast directions.
  5. Only small plant can be grown in North, east, Northeast.
  6. The hearth or oven must be arranged in eastern southeast direction of the entire house, in such a way that the person cooking faces east.
  7. The shadow of any tree should not fall on the house.
  8. Pictures of any war scenes, demons, one in anger should not be placed in the house.
  9. The slope of the property should be from West to east or South to north.


Vastu Tips